Success Story

Gold Market Before 2013
The success story before Attica, every one who wanted to convert their Gold into Cash didn’t manage to urge full value for his or her Gold, because the market place became unregulated. Pawn brokers provided 70% value and NBFC’S provided 80% for gold pledge for an important 24% Interest once a year . NBFC’S Pledged Gold launch percent become simplest about 30%, which suggests for every 100 folks that pledged their Gold, 70% of citizenry didn’t took again their gold as a directly results of Non Payment of heavy interest.

Gold Market After 2013
After Attica’s Vibrant Entry, It changed the whole Gold Industry.
Attica gave a full 100% in Value for Gold and Offered to release Pledged Gold. Attica helped those that were trapped in lucrative NBFC’S gold pledging scheme and ended a never ending cycle of interest payment. After Attica’s entry, NBFC’S pledged gold release percentage clothed to be a whoping 90%.

success story

India’s No 1 gold buying company

 India’s No 1 gold buying company Attica Gold Pvt. Ltd.  Is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company established in the year 2013 with 200+ branches in 100+ cities in 5 Different states of India. We are the pioneer in the gold industry and the 1st to introduce the concept of buying gold in today’s online price. Attica Gold Company helps customers to get Instant Cash for releasing pledged gold. Visit our nearby branch and get Spot cash for gold now. Attica Gold Company has professionally trained & well experienced staff. Hence we are proud to be the best in gold trading business. All this was only possible because of our visionary founder Mr. Bommanahalli Babu, who thoroughly understood the problem faced by the public to sell gold @ Current Online Market Price. Our head office is located at the Silicon Valley of India – Bengaluru, Karnataka.

 “Attica Gold Company” has quickly gained public trust and recognition in the field of GOLD by execution in the most professional way adhering to lawful business. we have 200+ branches in 100+ Cities in 5 different states in India which includes Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. Aiming to reach 500+ branches PAN India in the nearing future to serve customers better. Visit any of our nearby branch and get spot cash for gold @ current market price now.